About this COI

The STC API COI is a community dedicated to providing information on creating documentation for developers, including Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Software Developer Kits (SDKs), and Microservices.

The API COI provides you with:

  • A community of writers that are wrestling with the same (or similar) issues
  • Resources for learning about APIs, SDKs, and Microservices.
    Some of these references will be explicitly for API documentation, and some will be for API creation, as often technical writers are asked to participate in the creation of an API.
  • Opportunities for getting training on documenting these products
  • Discussions about best practices for documenting APIs / SDKs
  • Information on using tools such as Doxygen, Javadoc, and Swagger to automate generating your documentation directly from the source code for the APIs.

If you are interested in this area of technical communication, this COI is for you, whether you are an experienced API/SDK writer or someone looking to break into this area.

Click here for a list of the pages on this website with short descriptions.

Please post any questions or thoughts to stc-api-sig@googlegroups.com

Or our slack channel: #sig-api