API documentation courses

  • Documenting APIs: A guide for technical writers [I'd Rather Be Writing/Tom Johnson] Note: Tom Johnson will be teaching a 1-day version of this course on May 5 at the STC Summit.
  • SDK Bridge offers online courses in learning the art of writing API documentation
  • Here's a list of courses taught by Peter Gruenbaum on Udemy:
    • API Doc: Basic Programming
    • Learn API Tech Writing 2: REST for Writers
    • The Art of API Documentation (API Doc 3)
    • Learn API Technical Writing: JSON and XML for Writers
    • Learn Swagger and the Open API Spec
    • Git and GitHub for Writers
There is a API Webinar Series Recordings Bundle available from the STC.
  • Introduction to API Tech Writing, presented by Sarah Maddox
  • Documenting Java and C++ APIs, presented by Ed Marshall
  • Helping the Code Tell the Story, presented by Joe Malin
  • REST API Overview and Documentation Best Practices, presented by Marta Rauch
It was on sale for 58% off ($125, rather than $300) through 31 December 2018; I don't know what the price is now.